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Bradford Physio is an established physiotherapy clinic located in central Bradford. Bradford Physio has team of very experienced chartered physiotherapists who are passionate about providing the highest level of care.

Bradford Physio provide a large range of physiotherapy treatment including for musculoskeletal and sport injury problems. Bradford Physio treat a wide variety of different types of problems including sports injuries, back and neck pain, joint problems and repetitive strain injuries.

Bradford Physio specialise in the areas of physiotherapy including sports injuries, acupuncture, and massage therapy and children’s physiotherapy including baby physiotherapy. Bradford Physio provides yoga and Pilates alongside pre and post-natal classes and gait analysis.

Bradford Physiotherapy takes a holistic approach to physiotherapy treatment. This allows are physiotherapists to take into consideration all of the relevant factors that are contributing to your problem, these include; lifestyle, occupation and leisure activities. Bradford Physio provides you with home exercise programmes to accelerate your healing process and to minimise the amount of physiotherapy intervention you require.

Bradford Physio has chartered physiotherapists with a minimum of seven years experience each.

Bradford Physio looks forward to welcoming you and providing you with the physiotherapy you require.

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