About Bradford Physio

Bradford Physiotherapy Clinic is able to consistently provide quality physiotherapy for your injury or condition.

Bradford Physio ensures that the physiotherapy treatment is; affordable, effective, and professional. Bradford Physio has experienced physiotherapists that have treated some of Britainís sports stars.

Bradford Physiotherapy Clinic offers you a professional service from a physiotherapy practice you can trust. Bradford Physio has physiotherapists that are trusted by many sports clubs and teams and GPs in the Bradford area. Bradford Physio regularly gets patient referrals from local GPs, and consultants in and around Bradford.

The physiotherapists at Bradford Physio use a range of techniques, including electrotherapy, ultrasound, spinal manipulation, sports massage, traditional acupuncture and post operative rehabilitation.

Bradford Physio treat many problems such as; backpain, neck pain, tennis / golfers elbow, sciatic pain, knee injuries, whiplash associated conditions, jaw pain, and headaches.

Bradford Physio provides a top quality physiotherapy service in and around Bradford.

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