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Bradford Physio are able to treat aches and pains can occur gradually or problems arising from a single injury. Please contact the physiotherapists at Bradford Physio as soon as you experience your symptoms. As even if your symptoms are mild early intervention will give you the best chance of a quick recovery. Bradford Physio’s physiotherapists will work closely with you to ascertain the cause of your problem and how best to treat it.

The physiotherapist at Bradford Physio can treat a wide variety of conditions including:

At Bradford Physio musculoskeletal disorders are managed with hands on treatment including; mobilisation of the injured joints and soft tissues, electrotherapies, strapping, as well as postural re-ed and advice.


Osteoarthritis of a joint is caused by wear & tear which causes the joint to become swollen, inflamed, painful and stiff. Osteoarthritis can also affect the spinal joints (vertebrae) this is called spondylosis. The physiotherapists at Bradford Physio can reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and formulated a long term plan for the treatemnt of your joints.

Physiotherapy treatment may include hands on manipulation, acupuncture, electrotherapies, and exercises including strengthening and stretching.

Physiotherapy products such as supports, hot & cold packs may be recommended to allow you to more effectively manage your symptoms.

Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can be caused by many factors:
  • Sudden strains
  • Overuse injuries activities, including bending and lifting
  • Poor sitting posture
  • Over-reaching
  • Poor posture at work or at home.
  • Car accident
Bradford Physio’s physiotherapists are experienced at assessing and treating all types of back and neck problems. Our physiotherapists will be able to advise you on the most effective treatments to manage acute and chronic conditions.

Bradford Physiotherapy can help you improve your spinal conditions whether it is acute or chronic. The physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive assessment to locate the cause of your back or neck problem. Physiotherapy treatment can include; mobilisation, electrotherapy, traction, exercises and advice.

The physiotherapist may also recommend appropriate products including; wedges, lumbar rolls, lumbar belts and cervical pillows that can improve your posture throughout the day.

Frozen Shoulders

A frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis, is caused by a problem in the fibrous shoulder joint capsule. Frozen shoulders cause pain and limited movement. A frozen shoulder can be caused by; a degenerative joint disease, following immobility after an injury, or though no identified cause.


Bradford Physio treat many people with chronic headaches. Headaches are often caused by problems at joints in the neck or due to high tension in the neck muscles. Headaches are often a result of poor posture.

Bradford Physio can help by; correcting your posture, treating your joint problems, relaxation techniques and stretching exercises.

Neurological Disorders

Bradford Physiotherapy can help in the rehabilitation of many neurological disorders. Neurological disorders are problems in the brain or spinal cord and include; Cerebral Palsy, Stroke and TIAs, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), head injury, spinal cord injury, and Parkinson's Disease.

The neurological physiotherapist at Bradford Physio will advise you on optimal positioning, exercises to improve your balance and co-ordination. The physiotherapist will also work with you to improve your mobility. Neurological rehabilitation at Bradford Physio may involve a combined therapy approach with occupational therapists, SALT, neurologists, and other carers.

Bradford Physio are able to provide a home based service. This means you can be assessed by our neurological physiotherapist in your own home if this is more convenient.

Children’s Physiotherapy

Bradford Physio have physiotherapists that are able to provide paediatric physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists can complete an assessment to determine the cause of your child’s problem.

Childhood conditions treated with physiotherapy include:
  • Knee pain
  • 'Growing Pains'
  • Low back pain
  • Heel pain
  • Postural pain
  • Sports injuries

Work related conditions

Repetitive Strain Injuries and work related disorders are conditions caused by repetitive movements performed over long periods of time. Common patients are often keyboard operators and office workers. Overuse injuries restrict the mobility of the nerves and muscles causing pain.

Bradford physiotherapy are able to treat work related problems to reduce inflammation and stiffness in the affected areas. The physiotherapist will give you advice on how best to adapt your work area, as this is essential in order to address what is causing your painful condition. This also helps prevent its recurrence. A home exercise programme including stretching may also form a necessary part of your physiotherapy treatment.

Slipped discs / Sciatica

Your Spinal nerves can become inflamed and painful due to slipped discs or pressure from surrounding such as muscles. Inflammation of the sciatic nerve is called sciatica and results in pain referring down the back of the leg.

Bradford Physio will aim to improve the function of these structures though physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapy intervention can help reduce the irritation of the nerve which has causing your pain. Physiotherapy treatment techniques may include joint and soft tissue mobilisation, electrotherapies, exercise programmes, traction, acupuncture and postural advice.


Whiplash is commonly the result of road traffic accidents. Whiplash occurs when damage is caused to the neck and back from the result of trauma. Whiplash causes pain and stiffness.

Physiotherapy is the most effective way to reduce whiplash pain and stiffness. Bradford Physio will help return you to your normal activities as soon as possible. Physiotherapy Treatment for whiplash includes; joint and soft tissue manipulation, electrotherapies, exercise programmes, traction, acupuncture and postural correction.

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