What is Physiotherapy?

At Bradford Physio physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in the treatment and rehab of bone, soft tissue, joint and sport injuries.

Physiotherapy treatment involves the use of a combination skills including; manual techniques, postural realignment, electrotherapies, and exercise therapy. This treatment will reduce the stress placed on your muscles and joints and alleviate pain.

One of the main aims of physiotherapy is to restore normal movement and function by decreasing your stiffness, and improving your muscle strength. Physiotherapists are also concerned with encouraging you to be able to self manage your condition. This is often done by educating you regarding your injury and providing you with a home based exercise programme to help prevent future injuries.

Physiotherapy is commonly used for the treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries, as well as general aches and pains in the muscles or the joints.

Bradford Physio has physiotherapists specialising in back and neck pain as well as sports injuries including pulled and torn muscle. Bradford Physio carries out postural and musculo-skeletal assessments to identify any muscle imbalances which can lead to further injuries in the future.

Bradford Physio has close links with leading orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists, and GPs, so that if further diagnosis and investigation is required (MRI, X-rays or Ultrasound) your problem can be dealt with efficiently.

Bradford Physio also have physiotherapists specialising in post operative orthopaedic rehab. Physiotherapy rehabilitation is vital after any orthopaedic surgery to the joints. Bradford Physio can help speed up your recovery time and allow you to get back to your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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