Bradford Physio has established a good reputation for high quality physiotherapy treatment. Bradford Physio have good local links with specialists in the area so we can refer each patient to the right specialist for their problem. Many orthopaedic consultants refer patients to us for physiotherapy treatment.

To see a physiotherapist at Bradford Physio a doctor’s referral is not required.

Doctors and consultants send their patients to Bradford Physio for physiotherapy and we are often the first port of call for our patients when injuries occur. Bradford Physio accepts self referrals. If further investigation is required we can organise you to have the appropriate scan or referral.

Bradford Physio treat chronic problems that require ongoing physiotherapy input to maintain your optimal levels of activity. Bradford Physio are happy to discuss your unique problem and advise you accordingly.

Personal injury solicitors often refer their clients requiring physiotherapy to us. Bradford Physio provides a comprehensive medico legal physiotherapy report writing service.

Conditions treated at Bradford Physio include:
  • Neck and back problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Muscle strains, muscle imbalance, muscular pain
  • Joint conditions, including arthritic joints
  • Headaches
  • Pore and Post surgery rehab
  • Workl Related Disorders
Bradford Physio have a huge range of skills which can be combined with soft tissue manipulation, massage and exercise therapy. Bradford Physio also have physiotherapists trained in acupuncture.

Prior to your treatment your chartered physiotherapist will discuss your disorder with you and will then comprehensively assess the problem area. They will then identify the cause and nature of your problem. Following assessment your physiotherapist will decide on the most appropriate physiotherapy and will formulate a treatment program meeting all your needs. A full assessment will take around an hour.

Follow up physiotherapy treatments take approximately thirty minutes. Physiotherapists at Bradford Physio will provide an estimate of the number of sessions they think will be required, at the end of the assessment.

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